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Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We have a flexible schedule to meet customer needs and we can always work with you if an appointment is needed outside of regular business hours! Our regular hours are Monday thru Sunday 8.00AM – 9.00PM


Q: How much do you charge for a visit and what can I expect to pay for a repair?

A: Our diagnostic service fee is 30$ but if we do a repair we do not charge a diagnostic fee. We have a great flat rate system which customers love.  If you have one of our Business/Coupon card you will get a 20$ off.  By doing a research we concluded that our prices comes out 30% to 60% less than customer pay with other companies. So our customers ends up saving lots of money when choosing our services!


Q: How the appointments are made and what are the appointment windows?

A: We always put Customers time in front. When Customer tells us best day and time that fits their schedule we try our best to match it. Usually we can provide a same day appointment with 2 hour windows this can change during busy seasons.


Q: Do you work with commercial products and management companies?

A: Yes we do, and we have different pricing and billing options for you. Please Email or Call us for more detailed information.


Q: Do you repair the appliance the same day or we have to wait for the parts?

A: 90% of our Calls are completed the same day the appointment is made. Due to the vast variety of Appliances and their models sometimes parts have to be ordered. For that we work with multiple parts suppliers to get it ASAP. Most of them we can get the next day. Sometimes it’s 1-3 Days.


Q: What is the warranty on your jobs?

A: We provide 1 year warranty on parts and labor and even when the warranty has expired we always work with customer and find the best solution.


Q: How safe are your repairs? Do you have proper license and insurance? How do you protect our house from damage during and after the repair?

A: Yes we carry all the licensing and insurance that is needed to perform these repairs. Our insurance coverage is even higher from what is required. All of your technicians are experts in their field and we never work with technicians that do not pass our required qualifications. We provide up to date training and support for our staff. Also our technicians always wear shoe covers and are required to be very mindful and careful during the repair. This is why we did not have any accidents or damages happened and we continue to do our best to prevent it !


Q: I loved how your company did the  job, where can I leave a review?

A: Please use the links bellow or email us your reviews and suggestions to LaReliableRepair@gmail.com .We always appreciate and provide a good discount in future repairs if you help us this way. Your opinions and suggestions really mater to us

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